Selling stands

Agility WC 2020 selling stands are now available!

There are about 540m2 available for your services.

You can have a selling stand on the first or second floor of the ice hall. Competition is taking place on zero floor and two main entrances are located on first floor. Please have a look at the gallery of the Tondiraba ice arena.

All areas in pink colour are available for your services.

Selling stands can be measured according to your needs, so feel free to tell us how much space you need.

The price for selling stands is €41/m2 (VAT included, without storage space).

There is also a storage space available upon request. Maximum 3m2 of storage space per selling stand is available. The price for storage place is €10m2.

For booking a selling stand we kindly ask you to fill the selling stand registration form. This will guarantee your needs for selling stand have been registered correctly. Please submit sales stand registration form by 1 June 2020 to

We will collect all interests for selling stands and meter requested selling areas according to your needs after the registration deadline. We will agree with you the location of your selling stand before issuing an invoice. Advance payment by 1 July 2020 will guarantee you the agreed size and location of your selling stand.